Swimming in the Loch Ness River in Winter

OMFG!!! Talk about cold! Why, why did I do that?
Getting on that bus at way to early o’clock after a huge night, I was slightly hangover but more so, probably, still drunk. I still had the “If found, please return to…” label on my arm but at least I had found all of my shoes and belongings. My head was in that mode, I’m sure you know it – your still drunk, but glad because if not you are likely to fall asleep and you don’t want to do that cause once you fall asleep, when you wake up, things will hurt! You will feel a sense of shame and guilt of the previous nights happenings but your still at “laugh at it” mode. Besides there is still a party in your head and you want to attend.

As I got in the bus ready to start my Isle Of Skye tour the driver explains that we are driving through Inverness where we will get to stop at the loch ness river.

“who wants to go for a swim?” he said

Without looking out the window or acknowledging the 12 layers of coats and tights I was wearing I screamed “Me! Me! Me!” I just saw the words “opportunity for something new and cool story” flash through my head. A few minutes passed driving through the beautiful scenery of scotland, I zoned out and crashed for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, enough time for the party in my head to stop and kick all the guests out.


“right crew, here we are, at the Loch Ness River, who’s going swimming with Nessy?” The driver relayed across us all. This time there was no replying.
“I heard a little ME coming from little miss whiskey drinker in the back of the bus” The driver said referring to me, blushing and slightly feeling the bus loads of eyes on my hungover face I just hid pretending to sleep. The bus driver then went and gave a sob story about how many, many years from now our grandchildren would be very, very impressed by this story of us swimming in the Loch Ness River in the Winter and blah blah blah… that was enough motivation for me to place my head out of the ice foggy window just to peer out and see the half frozen lake… No chance, my future non existent grandchildren don’t need to here this story, I have plenty for them to hear.

“OKAY FREE WHISKEY IN THE BUS FOR ANYONE WHO SWIMS IN THE RIVER” he called. And that little party in the back of my head started up again.

To just step out of the bus was cold enough, I luckily I had thermals on under my jeans and a MacBackpackers shirt that had been given to me otherwise I would be in hypothermia mode with all my clothes on the bottom of the buses storage. The cool girls I met last night deciding they want to join the party in my head, or have our heads inter join in a party at least. So we all decided to hit the river for some whiskey.


Before swimming with the loch ness we decided to pose with him.




Am I really doing this? Am I about to go in?



That was by far the coldest entrance into a lake I had ever stepped on

The water was surprisingly not too cold, however the rocks on the bottom were freezing! And slippery. Perhaps I should of just jumped in like someone that had some balls.


Now weather it was a “swim” or a fall on my ass and get up as quick as possible… well that’s left to the interpretter




 Do you think I look a bit cold?


Would you do it? 

Nothing a good swig of whiskey wouldn’t fix. And nothing like a good swig of whiskey and dip in the loch ness river to get the party in the head started!




Would you do it? Would you swim with Nessy in Winter?

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