My top 5 destinations

First thing this morning, my eyes and brain only just starting to function I check my web stats, comments and emails, as you do… perhaps I am getting a little obsessed with this blog. However I receive an email from telling me that I have been nominated by Todds Travels, a blog I read often, for the top 5 destinations competition.

So I leave my bed and head to work, as I sit here at my desk only dreaming about going on a new destination I start thinking about this blog post and I must say it gives me some great thrill to think about the awesome places I went to and would happily return to. So my top 5 destinations I have listed below, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, have you been to these places? Would you like to go? Whats your experiences from these places?

1/ London

Oh London, so near and dear to my heart! When I watch movies and can tell straight away from the style of the houses that it is filmed in London, I get a sense of pride in all that I accomplished for living there, my first move abroad. When I watch film clips and see the beautiful Tower of London in its Blue and grey glory, I get butterflies for the excitement I feel having lived in such a dynamic city.



My reasons for London being a destination that I would return to are personal of course, although I still think for anyone else, it is the kind of city you can live in for years and never get sick of it or never see it all, it’s addicting! So it is certainly one to put on the “return to” list (much like Berlin).


I could return to London with expectations of everything being the way it was when I lived there but I know it wouldn’t be. friends have moved on, situations are different. But My Oh My how I would love to walk the same streets that I got breakfast at in the mornings, hang around the same cafes in East London that I would spend my weekends at, have big nights in the same places that I had big nights in. Lay on the same grass in the park that I laid at for my last summer in London, I think the tube sign would bring me to nostalgic tears! The Weatherspoons, The Beaten Docket would bring me more joy then any other pub in London, for that was the place that so many of our “crazy dealings went down”. These are all just reliving memories and reminding myself how awesome those two years were.



“Paris is Always a good idea” I don’t like to make a habit out of returning to places I have already visited if I am on limited time and money, however, Paris is an exception! I would return again and again at the drop of a hat!


They say you either love Paris or hate it. I have heard many a different responses and not one has ever changed my mind on the unparalleled city. Even the being alone, scared, lost, first timer travelling, not speaking English, feeling of threat at first approach by getting of the train and seeing army men with guns, having a strange French man lick my ear at 6am in the metro after an overnight bus, lost after a big night, losing my small fortune on a coffee and ice cream experiences that I have had in Paris will never change my mind and why? It really is hard to explain… I would say, and maybe one day I will think of a better way to explain the feeling, but for now, I say it’s the vibe, the history and the pride that is alive in Paris, The beauty and the OCD, graphic designer style essence of the city that I felt, with meanings behind everything it just feels like if Paris was a human, she would be a Graphic Designer and a beautiful classy, confident one at that.


3/ Berlin

Ah Berlin, you trending hip place you! You pressed my buttons beyond belief, you did! Your outstanding history, your creative stance on life, it’s certainly your  alternative atmosphere that “had me at hello”. Your ever changing hidden wonders that leave so much to be discovered and explored. You seem cold and chilly on the top, unapproachable and not so impressive, take one step on the historic brickwork pavement that is Berlin and you never want to leave.


I remember when I first developed feelings for Berlin, we had just arrived, it was rather chilly and the city seemed dirty and unorganised. I had no idea what to expect from Berlin, I just came for the curry wurst… We were walking around when I saw people walking in the streets with beer (coming from Sydney, this is unusual) I asked my friend what time it was and she replied 10am… “okay, lets get beer then” I said! This was my first taste of Berlins alternative culture and I loved it. I then got hooked in with the art scene, nightlife and most importantly history. The absolute freedom I felt, like I could do absolutley anything that I wanted. You can live in Berlin you’re whole life and only just begin to touch on its excellence.



Oh Barcelona, we could of made it, I swear we could of had something special, we just did not have enough time together. I feel like I should of met you earlier, I feel like I had been looking for you for such a long time but when it came to the crunch I just didn’t get there quick enough. You could of taught me things that no other city could of, we could of danced into the night and slept until the evening just to do it all over again. We could of shared taste tantalizing tapas that could not be experienced anywhere else. We could of seen beautiful, beautiful art together, we would of had a never ending amount of fun and things to do… but It just did not happen.


I had planned 3 nights in Barcelona, we were meant to take an overnight bus from Nice, France but things didn’t go to plan and we missed our bus, leaving us stranded in Nice (which I was over!) and not Barcelona as planed! These things happen when traveling but it was unfortunete as it only left me with one night in Barcelona, that is simply not enough time to discover such a fantastic city. I only got to touch on the art and architecture as well as night life and food. I know that I would happily go back just to experience what I missed out on.

5/ Naples

Oh the bad boy of Italy. I have wrote about Naples before. The bad boy who you just can’t stay away from. I had one night in Naples, again. certainly not enough time. There was a part of me that wanted out of Naples the second I got there, but there was also a part of me that wanted to toughen up, not be scared and just stay… stay for the food, the coffee, the Italian culture that I could see bursting out of the street cracks, making its way around the street rubbish, I wanted to stay to explore but more importantly, stay because I knew there was more then meets the eye about this intriguing city. I would love to go back to Naples, knowing what I know now and really explore the city and it’s surroundings.


All this dam reminiscing has made me really not want to be behind this desk right now! As per the rules, I nominate the following people to share their top 5 destinations.

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