I’m totally ready for a debate!! Football or Soccer

Right, let’s settle this hear! “The great debate” is it Football, or Soccer! Being an Aussie living in London (yes I’m one of those!) also working as a graphic designer in a team full of British men, specially around the world cup time, we tend to have this “discussion” continuously about the correct name for the sport, is it football or soccer – and you know what – I win! (I think, I may be biased) But I win every time, despite being out numbered as both the “girl” and the “Aussie” and why? in fact HOW?! How could you possibly win this one Bec? Well my dear intrigued reader… this is because of a little, insignificant thing I like to call history… perhaps you have heard of it.

So the facts go, in the early days of the great sport it was always known in British society by the name of “Soccer. Therefore, summing up my argument, if the British originally named it Soccer, it makes sense that for arguments sake, soccer is the games name.

The name only started to be recognised as “Football” when the game became popular with the lower and middle class society. The upper class or “elite” did not want to be referring to the same game as the “rest” so the name Football started to be used. At the time, many unconfirmed rules surrounded the game and eventually a group of “elites” got together to “regulate” the rules, and decided to name the game Football as it was the upper class way to call it. This is how a Football Association came into place.

The game eventually became popular among other countries of the world that already had their own version of football (an out numbering amount of countries that is) So those countries, such as New Zealand, America, Canada as well as My home Land – Oz  and more; would take on the name Soccer.

So despite all the discussions and rebuttals of… (in my best male British pompous voice) “We invented the game” “Its played with your feet” “What does FIFA stand for Bec?.” I still stand by Soccer.

However, since I believe in respecting the ways of the country you are in I will call in “soccer the football kind” You’re welcome England. :-)

Don’t believe me? Check out some pretty interesting factuals on the game

 Please note; This post is just some light-hearted fun – Die Hard fans need not shoot me.



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