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  • Britains Smallest House
    Britains Smallest House

    I FOUND IT! I found where I am going to live! So I now have my wedding venue and my house, I’m nearly sorted. It is a beautiful cosy two story house. The location however, the house is in Conwy, Wales, I liked Wales, I just don’t know if I could deal with the weather Read more →

  • Castles and Coasts in Wales
    Castles and Coasts in Wales

    Easter holidays and I needed to get out!!! it seemed like it had been forever since I had been travelling, to be fair, it had only been a month, if that, since I had been in Ireland for st Patricks day. My goal for 2012 was to see more of the UK, I had recently Read more →

  • Gladstone Park London in photos

    So I had finally landed a design job in London, a new chapter to my time in this city for sure. The problem with this job was that A- it was a huge pay cut, but I guess thats just the sacrifices you make. B – It was in the complete opposite side of London Read more →

  • Chapter 50: Dublin or Galway for St Patricks Day
    Chapter 50: Dublin or Galway for St Patricks Day

    So we survived Valentines day, now it was time to survive St Patrick’s Day, the best day in March. St Patrick’s Day is a day to dress as green as possible, drink as much as possible and dance like a little leprechaun! Last year I arrived in London on St Patrick’s day so I missed Read more →

  • Vivid Sydney 2013
    Vivid Sydney 2013

    I know what your thinking – one moment I’m broke in London, the next in a light festival in Sydney. But like I said my regular posts are just me trying to catch up. However With the upcoming Sydney Vivid Festival I thought I would post this Vivid Sydney 2013 post that I drafted last year so Read more →

  • Discovering my Hero – a trip to the Tate London

    The day had arrived! Good Travel buddy was here in London, you may remember her from such post as Living like a local in Romania, Random statue search in Bratislava and so on. She had decided to live in London on a 2 year visa (no doubt she was following me as she missed me so Read more →

  • The peril’s of Job Searching in London
    The peril’s of Job Searching in London

    “It Hurts! With every unsuccessful effort, with every travel £pound spent, work day missed, expectation raised; The phone call or email received that says someone had more “suited experience” then me HURTS! disappoints, disheartens, I believe is the word, it disheartens! “Must carry on, get back on the horse, just wasn’t meant to be” I Read more →

  • Today I launched my store!
    Today I launched my store!

    Good morning/afternoon/evening – wherever in the world you are This is just a short post so we can celebrate together….. What are we celebrating you may ask? Well – Happy days indeed my dear readers, after much procrastination and um’ing and arh’ing Today I launched my store. It all started when I saw these really Read more →

  • Chapter 12: The year that was

    This year has been a good one, I can’t lie! Every year on New Years Eve I sit and think to myself (normally at the tipsy stage) what have I achieved this year, has it been a waste of a year? and for many years now, I’m proud to say, it hasn’t! every year now Read more →

  • Chapter 10: My First White Christmas!
    Chapter 10: My First White Christmas!

    So my most recent facebook status was, “Just spent the afternoon in the soft, fluffy snow!! tWas fun! Coffee in a Bavarian looking wooden cafe with wood fire and the snow falling outside. A-Maze-ing white Christmas! :-D” And the comment that inspired this post belongs to my aunty who says, OMG you don’t know how Read more →

  • Is there a difference between holiday and traveling
    Is there a difference between holiday and traveling

    So having said goodbye to Bad Travel Buddy and having some time to myself to job hunt gave me some time to think. Bad Travel Buddy and I had a lot of different views on things during out trip. I decided I would write about my ideas and thoughts behind the difference between holiday and traveling. Read more →

  • Chapter 5: Back to London

    Well I guess its a new chapter of the book thats for sure. My travel is certainly done for a while. I had a great time, saw some great things and met some great people (as you do when your traveling). I had left Thessaloniki, said goodbye to my good friend and horrible travel buddy Read more →

  • Chapter 81: The final leg of the journey
    Chapter 81: The final leg of the journey

    I have to admit I was glad to be in Thessaloniki, for more reasons then to just see the city. I wanted to get rid of Bad Travel Buddy and I knew this was our last stop before I was free again. We chose to spend 2 nights in Thessaloniki, Greece as it was where Read more →

  • Where in the World

    Its been a while since I posted out one of these, my “ever famous Where in the World” The dealio is basically, I post a ppicture of somewher eI have been in the past and you leave guesses at where this is in the comment section. Now clearly this is somewhere in Greece, but the Read more →

  • Greek Fun Fact!
    Greek Fun Fact!

    I had been told about this little Greek fun fact years ago and was over excited when I saw it myself Apparently, as shown in the picture, the rule is, once you complete the building of your house you have to pay tax so the Greeks will build their house but leave one pole uncovered Read more →

  • Jet Skis, Donkeys, Boats and Volcanoes in Santorini Part Two
    Jet Skis, Donkeys, Boats and Volcanoes in Santorini Part Two

    Santorini was proving to be the success of the entire 5 week European trip. Bad Travel Buddy was loving the island life and I was loving the change of scenery from drug ridden homeless people to blue, blue ocean and friendly staff eager to please, being low season in the Greek islands. We spent the Read more →

  • Now we are talking!!! Santorini Part One
    Now we are talking!!! Santorini Part One

    FINALLY!!! FINE-A-LLY!!! a well deserved break from constantly looking over our shoulders, stepping away from forms on rubbish laying casually on the streets, our views were no longer street fights and drug ridden issues, it was blue ocean as far as our eyes could see, large rock formations leaving its surroundings so clean and fresh Read more →

  • Chapter 79 – A valentines special – Dating A Travel Girl
    Chapter 79 –  A valentines special – Dating A Travel Girl

    I interupt this 5 week news series featuring Bad Travel Buddy to bring you some breaking news. Its obviously Valentines day so following on from last years Valentines post I decided to bring you another one… (I can see you jumping for joy) I recently came across two very awesome travel posts on facebook. Both have Read more →

  • Chapter 78: The search for Zeus in Athens

    Disappointed seems to be the general theme of Athens, its sad to say. I had such high hopes and anticipation but it just wasn’t what I had hoped. We were at the Acropolises and on our map had said the temple of Zeus was somewhere around here. Bad travel buddy was so eager, in fact, Read more →

  • Chapter 77: What happened to you Athens? you were meant to be cool
    Chapter 77: What happened to you Athens? you were meant to be cool

    What happened to you Athens? you were meant to be cool! I was meant to see giants statues of gods winking at me, I was meant to have old Greek man come running at me with lamb slovakias and the woman trying to marry off their stunning ab chiseled, tanned sons. Instead I had another Naples Read more →


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