I’m asking your help – How can I help charity

So I had lost my job, things were looking bleak and to find a job with only 3 months left on my visa was going to be hard. On top of this I had a planned trip away for Christmas and New Year Eve, things were getting difficult. I stayed optimistic and reconnected to all those millions of agencies I’d joined when I started out looking for work, anything to get work and not have to leave or spend all of my savings. I got a job doing telemarketing, which was fine, I could deal with it, anything to keep my head above ground for the next 3 months. The problem was however, I would be telemarketing for charity, asking people for money, fair enough, but some of these campaigns seemed brutal to me, calling people who were already giving and asking for more money – The nerve! It was a job and I needed to do it!

Although this job did open my eyes a little bit and changed my perspective on a lot of life and my future goals.

I hated the idea behind the campaign, the idea was to call people who were already donating and ask them to donate more. I just did not think it was right. The policy was that we had to question their “no” answer 3 times before ending the call. I had spoken to a lady who donates 2 pounds a month and she had said to me that she was hoping she could increase it to 5 pounds a month but just couldn’t at the moment, she was an elderly lady, a pensioner, struggling herself. She said it broke her heart that she couldn’t give more, and I was expected to still plead another 3 times for more money. I just couldn’t – she broke my heart!

Working on campaigns with cancer research I found it depressing some of the most lovely sounding people helping and telling me stories of how they have cancer or friends and family and how they wish they could do so much more. The would tell me their personal stories with such heartache and somehow I was expected to beg them to give more money at the same time as hearing them struggle on a personal level.

I just wanted to hug these people and thank them for their support. I am someone who has not done much for charity before I must admit I was inspired to be a better person, to help in ways I can. I made a note at that point to look up ways that I could help and travel… volunteer options perhaps. Im a graphic designer, not a doctor, im a budget traveler, im not rich, all the money I have I try to save for travel but If I can do both then wouldn’t that just suit more then giving money. I have more time then I have money and if I am going to do something to help, the question is where? Especially with my time in the UK coming to an end it makes me question what my next move should be. I want to do the right amount of research to find the right place. My thoughts have always been in South America, since a good friend of mine had spoken about the option of volunteering I had it in the back of my mind for after my London trip.

So readers, whilst I write this post with a heavy heart and a horrified sigh at how these charities are begging people for even more then they can do, I ask you, how can I help? Do you know of any really good volunteer programs, life changing experiences where you have helped.



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