Travel & Design – Amr Tahtawi

Regular readers on the blog will be familiar with the Travel & Design series. This is were I combine my 2 loves travel and great design. I do this to inspire, promote and share great work. I am never paid to do this or asked to do it. As always, if you have any suggestions for great design that is travel related or inspiring please drop me a line.

This Travel & Design Star is not to be featured because of his graphic design skills (even though Amr Tahtawi is ranked one of the top 20 Graphic Designers in the Middle East and Africa) but instead for his photography skills. Amr Tahtawi is a very talented man! It was this image below that captured me and bought me to his website to find myself enthralled by his travel photos. As always, I will only feature some of his work and really encourage you to check him and his talent out on his website.

Amr’s dream like photos look more like a fantasy painting then a photograph, capturing movement, colour and light in a way that astounds me! These photos are certainly worth admiring.














Parc de la Ciutadella, spain


My top 5 destinations

First thing this morning, my eyes and brain only just starting to function I check my web stats, comments and emails, as you do… perhaps I am getting a little obsessed with this blog. However I receive an email from telling me that I have been nominated by Todds Travels, a blog I read often, for the top 5…

Beat Budget Airlines

My recent trip to Poland was  dozzy of a bargin (does anyone even use that word dozzy, is that even how its spelled?) anyhow, A flight for 16 pounds is pretty darm good! Though I am ashamed to say that I missed the 16 pound flight and got it for 27 pounds return. Does not…

Lazienki Park in Photos

I decided to live up to my websites reputation today and be the creative nomad that I want to be. I took a visit to Poland, Warsaw in fact and you may of have a read of the story and how I was disappointed. Luckly Warsaw did have some awesomness going for it. The weather…

I’m totally ready for a debate!! Football or Soccer

Right, let’s settle this hear! “The great debate” is it Football, or Soccer! Being an Aussie living in London (yes I’m one of those!) also working as a graphic designer in a team full of British men, specially around the world cup time, we tend to have this “discussion” continuously about the correct name for the…