Quirky things around Brussels

You may remember my post of Valencia, “Cooky things in Valencia” – I now bring you Quirky things in Brussels. I found Brussels an enjoyable city, thanks to the comic street art self tour I took I got to go through some back alleys, passage ways and streets off the tourist happy snap track, this lead me to finding some pretty cool things. As a graphic designer with a keen sense of attention to detail and finding cool shizzle I love nothing more then posting these things.

Box Factory

A box factory my guess


cheap beer loose morals

This was not so much quirky as just pretty funny

Manikin Piss and waffles

Now clearly relating to the whole Manakin piss thing but really… eating waffles with your hands on your thingy whilst peeing…. oh dear!

quirky door signs-brussels-2

quirky door signs

quirky door signs

quirky mail box

statues brussels

Obviously relating to the whole comic thing, perhaps not as quirky as funny when I literally shit myself and apologised nearly bumping into it… pretty embarrassing. you think I would of been use to these statues from Bratislava

This one was by far my favourite…. WTF?!!

WTF Brussels

WTF Brussels - zoomed


Meet Maniquin Piss

Why hello there, my name is Petite Julian (little Julian)… HEY! no snigering! I may be little but more woman have looked at my equipment then yours I bet!!! besides that, do people throw money at you all day just to do nothing, I bet not! good things come in small packages okay! I’m world…

The Land of Comics – Street Art in Brussels

The Land of Comics – Street Art in Brussels

So I had just found out work were not able to sponsor me to stay in London… distraught! But on the plus side, I knew I had some good savings that I could spend and knew I wanted to travel, I even had loads of time off. So I started looking at flights and buses,…

Dear expat it gets better

Dear expat it gets better

Recently my friend “Good Travel buddy” left Australia and came over to live in London on a working holiday visa, nothing new, we all do it!  I remember when she first arrived, jobless, houseless, in limbo and depressed. She was sleeping on my sofa and I had to continuously remind her why she was here. She…

The Lamington Post

The Lamington Post

I am by far no cook! In fact, moving abroad on the other side of the world all by myself, I was hopeful that it would encourage me to learn how to cook. It didn’t, I learned how to live on soup from a can and pot noodles. When faced with the office “bake off”…