Our final stop on my week around the UK was Edinburgh, it was like my goodbye England trip. It was also the first goodbye I had to say, the goodbye to my new and awesome friend whom I’m glad I randomly started drunk talking to at the ATM, for without […]

The coolest pub in Edinburgh you probably don’t know about

How does a lion like his meat? (answer at the end) It’s that time of the month again. The time where I give you one or two articles I have read this month that made the cut. Articles I really enjoyed. This was last months Winner of funniest story! That […]

Worth a read #2

we got to the giants causeway, I had seen photos and knew it would be pretty cool, though I also knew there was a bus load of people thinking it was pretty cool, which sometimes, takes the magic away from things. What I found cool though, were these, as you […]

The real myth of the Giants Causeway

P1090085-w700 copy 1
By far my highlight of getting of Northern Ireland had to be getting out of Belfast. As I mentioned I knew very little about Belfast, I soon found out quite a lot. But when doing my research on Northern Ireland, I saw a world wonder, the Giants Causeway. I didn’t […]

Little Seaside towns of Northern Ireland

carek rope bridge 1
Call yourself a dare devil? Pop down to Northern Island and check out the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. On a recent trip to Belfast I took a tour around the causeway coastal route, the highlight of this trip was the rope bridge. 20 meters long and 30 meters above the rocks […]

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

I touched very briefly on my adventures in Belfast. I didn’t mention much and there was certainly none of the creativity that I like to show off in this blog. It’s for that reason that I decided to showcase some of the street art I came across on my Belfast […]

Belfast Street Art

Happy weekend everybody Wherever you are in the world… We are need a little inspiration and so I bring you Creative Quotes. More fun using the blog to get creative. This weeks typography has been inspired by a design job I had to do. Don’t forget to follow me or […]

Creative Nomad Quotes #5

We left Newcastle, heading to Belfast. I was on a weeks trip around the UK with a good friend of mine I met in Edinburgh at Hogmanay. Why Belfast? I’m not so sure, I think it was just a matter of cheap flights… and since I wasn’t paying for them, […]

Belfast or Galway

Big Blue fish
If you have been to Belfast, you no doubt would have walked over to the River Lagan. You also would have no doubt seen what is the coolest big blue fish in the world…. possibly, I really have not seen them all. Being a big art/design fan, I love seeing […]

Big blue fish Belfast

I don’t regularly mention articles I have read, even the good ones, but one story inspired me to do much more than just retweet it. If you are much like me, your RSS reader is bursting full of amazing articles so much so, that it’s overwhelming. This in turn has […]

Worth a read #1

awkward conversation with a drug addict
He sat down, right next to us. It felt like an extra 10 tonnes sitting beside us, just joining us for a quite drink uninvited. I’m not one to dis a random stranger sitting by me at a bar, in fact, I love that shit! He looked dirty, like he […]

The weird conversation with a drug addict in denial

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Oh! How much I enjoy stepping back in time! There is nothing better then being transformed from present time to the past, entering another world to give you more of an insight to how people lived. The experience of being shifting into different lives is simply priceless. One moment, I’m riding […]

Traveling back in time at the Beamish Open Air Museum

Sydney-Winter-Garden 1
Winter in Sydney, suddenly the outside ice skating rinks start popping up. How lovely! Just like the European cities, fabulous! If you have been to Europe in the winter you would know how lovely their outdoor ice skating rinks are, I just couldn’t wait for the Sydney rinks to get […]

Don’t bother with Sydney Winter Garden

So I decided to take a trip around the UK, visiting Newcastle (North England), onwards to Belfast, Ireland and ending in Edingburgh, Scotland (don’t ask what happened to Wales.) This is where I discovered some new music, Gallery Circus. As I am on my way from London to Newcastle my […]

New Music: Discover Gallery Circus

Do you remember the random guy I started chatting to at an ATM? It was on New Years Eve, Hogmanay, remember? Well, you really should be following the story! The story It was just after the festivities ended. Me and Mr Money bags were heading to get some chips/”extra party […]

Is Newcastle the best place to party?

Creative Nomad Quotes#  1 (2)
So another Saturday of feeling creative with fonts. This means I bring you, Creative nomad quotes… This photos was taken in Australia by a very good friend of mine… more on that to come. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more creative random travelness. Wishing you […]

Creative Nomad Quotes #4

worst-week-in-london-2 4
If you follow my blog then you are completely aware that my last first weeks have been pretty tough. I’m not quite out of the fire yet. Jobless and well… now, homeless…. First the job, now the House You may remember I moved from dodgy but wonderful house in East […]

My worst week in London Ever Part #2

Creative Nomad Quotes#  1 (1)
So another Saturday of feeling creative with fonts. This means I bring you, Creative nomad quotes… although this time, its more jsut about an inspiring photo mixed with some pretty words Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more creative random travelness. Wishing you all a great […]

Creative Nomad Quotes #2

worst-week-in-london 2
EVERY SINGLE TIME I THINK IT IS GETTING BETTER, IT GETS WORST!…. Sorry, I will stop yelling, I am yelling because if I don’t yell I will cry! Again!!. The emotions these past few weeks have been so up and down, it’s probably been more of a rocky boat full […]

My worst week in London Ever! Part 1

Hogmanay 3
If you stalk me, then you would have already read a little bit about my time in Edinburgh for NYE, Hogmanay. My first ever guest post was on my favourite party of all time, which just happened to be Hogmanay. As Mentioned, I was in Scotland for New Years Eve, […]

Hogmanay- The best New Years Eve Party Ever