Once Upon a Time, in Bruges

As I have mentioned, Bruges made me feel like I was in a fairy tale land. 1 or 2 too many coffees has got my imagination ticking pretty wildly as I flick through all my old photos and I decided to rant on about the fairy tale. Enjoy :-)

Once upon a time, (as every good fairy tale must start) there was a lonesome traveler, arriving to a new and enchanted land, she knew nothing about where she was, as in the dark of the night the lonesome traveler boarded a bus to anywhere. Little did she know what she would discover arriving into this fairy tale land.

The lonesome traveler was sick, she was tired, weak and unwell, she had been traveling for many hours and needed a place to rest her head. Peering out the window of this bus, catching a glimpse of what this land has to offer, her problems seemed to just fade away, with what little strength left she had, she decided to ignore the powers persuading her to jump off the bus, embellish in this land, and explore its enticing fairy lights and glistening golden grounds, she needed rest, she needed to recover.

The Lonesome traveler did not know where she was going, but as the bus traveled down some back streets, cobbled alleys with narrow roads, it stopped suddenly, as if by fate she decided to follow her instincts and hop off the bus, she was faced with a flashing light saying “Vacant” just what she needed, the forces of fate seemed to be playing into her hands. Paying what little pennies she had left she bought a room for the night.

Struggling to sleep, she could hear music and laughter coming from somewhere underneath her room. Since she couldn’t sleep she decided to explore and follow the music, perhaps there would be someone there who could tell her where she was and where she should go, or maybe give her some ailment for what ales her. (medicine, I was sick as a dog!)

(Obviously the pub is not the best place for being so sick, but when in Bruges, beer must be consumed) Meeting a large, jolly chap from a far away land down under, he persuaded her to perk up and forget her worries….
“Sick you say? Well I know just the cure”
Pouring her a potent beverage which was apparently the towns own magic brew, with a delicious smell and fizz he had promised that one sip of this potion and her illness would go away. The lonesome traveler was unsure, it didn’t feel like something she should be drinking in her state but what other choice did she have, and this chap seemed like a nice guy who knew what he was talking about so she held her nose and gobbled it down. (I am very easily enticed into a beer)

An instant buzz, this magic potion tasted amazing and seemed to ting in her tongue making little fairies dance on the top, she pleaded for another, and another and a pink one, a white one, a black one, all the potions she could drink… the more she drunk the better she felt, until she tried the strong one titled “the twelevepercenter” (12% beer, dangerously wonderful) it seemed a little strong for such a small glass but these magic potions had done nothing but good for her so far and her illness was no quite gone, maybe she needed something stronger, so she took it with delight but got a little dizzy, this was when she decided maybe it was too strong, it was time to rest her head on her hay stack in hope of exploring tomorrow. (yeh, yeh I can totally hear you cheering weak)

Exploring fairy tale land

Waking up fresh and ready to take on the world, she wanted more of a glimpse of the amazement she could see the previous night from the view of the bus window. Setting off in no particular direction. Suddenly as she left her room a desk appeared with a man behind it who gave her a map. Not knowing what else to do she would walk around, using the map as a guide.

She liked this land, it was a jolly land, coming across windows of delicious delights and happy folk, it was strange, she was seeing things she had never seen before, snowman drinking in windows…


What kind of a land was this? Where was she? Maybe she was seeing things, as she had not eaten in days and was getting hungry, dizzy even. Turning the corner with little strength and finding the delights to eat that this land had to offer, chocolate…. the brownest and beautifulest of chocolates. Cookies, the crumbliest of tastiest cookies she had ever tasted. She wasn’t sure, the chocolate and cookies looked evil! Wasn’t it her mother who had always said “once on the lips, forever on the hips”…


But her mother had never been invited to taste chocolate and cookies by little bunnies, when little bunnies ask you to try chocolate, you try chocolate.

Reborn with energy, this land was working it’s magic, she was feeling much better. She set off, walking the back alleys with its cobbled stoned floors, the houses with their enchanted stair roofs filled with details, it was a beautiful land. She turned the corner, something was not right, she felt like something was missing, someone, she was alone in this enchanted land of beauty, she wanted someone to share it with. Feeling slightly sad she took a seat, in the middle seat, left alone with her own thoughts on lo loneliness(I have to say, Bruges is the only place that  wished I was accompanied by a partner, its just so dam romantic)


Suddenly she heard someone “psst” “psst” he said. Follow me…



So she did, she followed this man, he was an i intelligent man, he knew much about this land, he was enchanting, funny and had more knowledge about this beautiful place then she could ever of known on her own. (the bruges walking tour, very insightful) She followed the man until he came to a stop, she was no longer alone, there were 5 strangers standing around the man, who was he? she didn’t care. Who were these people? One in particular grabbed her attention, he was dark, mysterious, quiet but seemed to have a cheering and lovely disposition about him. As they walked with this wise wizard of knowledge she could find herself drawn to this mysterious man, he too was a lonesome traveler.


They arrived at a river, there was a strange sense of d deja vu as the lonesome traveler lost herself in her mind, wondering where she had seen this bridge and river from before, perhaps a story or a dream. She came too and realised that the wiseful wizard had disappeared! So had all the other people, it was only her and the mysterious man left.

Suddenly she started coughing, the lonesome traveler was cold and sick again, the mysterious man rushed to her ail, we need more potion he said! (oh! Isn’t it great when you meet other single travellers who love a drink as much as you do) I know a place! Arm in arm they rushed to the place that sold the most strong potions, trying many until they could find the right one. Time just seemed to get away. (okay so it was a messy night, sue me) It was working, her troubles were soon forgotten, the mysterious man and lonesome traveler danced into the night, at first sign of the lonesome travellers illness they would purchase more potion.

Strange things can happen when too much potion is consumed. It was as if she blacked out at some stage and when she woke up she found herself surrounded by those beautiful fairy lights in the towns center, she was walking on ice, how was this possible? Dancing, walking, growing closer and closer to the mysterious man. Suddenly a giant man in an orange uniform burst into the scene “your not allowed here, its closed” he says…. scared they ran, ran for their life’s. (one of my fondest memories, being so drunk we broke into the iceskating ring).

Memory disappeared and the lonesome traveler woke up. She didn’t know what had happened that night but she needed to find the mysterious man and maybe he would have some answers for her, why did her head hurt, why was she more tired then when she began, where had all of her pennies gone? She found a note in her pocket saying “meet me at blah blah in blah blah” her only clue she packed her bags and left. When she got to this land called Pommes she found him (hangover food in Bruges = chips!) The connection was still there and she found herself smiling and chatting to the mysterious man as if she had known him for years. He informed her of the nights events and they decided to explore a little more as the mysterious man had to leave in a few hours. He was bound for greater pastures, as was she. (He was heading to Brussels and I was off to London).

They wandered the land, finding things she had never seen before, the lonesome traveler was for, a few hours, not lonesome, she had found someone to share the joy of the beautiful city with.


The time had come and the Mysterious man had to board his stallion (a bus) they could no longer embellish in their own universe together, it was one for all and all for one now, just as life had been for them both. Saying a grand and fateful goodbye with promises to meet again at some point in time. The lonesome traveler knew that this was the life she had chosen.

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