Street Art in Poland

Street Art in Poland

Poland, Warsaw is not a place I thought I would be happy snapping street art, and as we know im am mega fan of street art - Walking back from Lazinski park I got lost and not at the best time. though I did come across the following in a car park under a bridge. I have given you Street Art Berlin, now for Street Art Poland.

Street Art Poland

head with smoke out of nose

Poland graffiti

Poland street art

blue lego monster

Poland Street Art

drunk cartoon red cyclopes monster

I was a little disappointed by Warsaw

Firstly Warsaw, I should apologise. Before I even left London I was disappointed in you, its safe to say, I didn’t even give you a chance, which isn’t fair. It was my fault I booked to visit you before even checking if I wanted to. It was my fault that I didn’t look at how…

Notting Hill Carnival Survival Guide

August Bank Holiday in London and it was PARTY TIME!!! For the year and a half I have been living in London I have learnt that this city knows how to party! It was around this time last year that I had come back from my 3 weeks of travel  (“no sleep, more food, more…

Lets party up in East London

Lets party up in East London

With all this redesign, Vivid lights and so on I have gotten off track, as I have mentioned, this year was all about “The Local Life” I was living it up in London, I had settled in and finally had some friends. When I left Australia I did not think the differences between Sydney and…

Little Becky smokes her first Joint In Amsterdam

Little Becky smokes her first Joint In Amsterdam

I have avoided writing this post for quite some time as I didn’t know what people might think, but hey… we are all adults here and we all know what most people in their 20′s go to Amsterdam for. No discredit to the city, its an amazing city and had I of done things my…