Creative Nomad gets a facelift

What does a designer do when she is bored… she redesigns! and that, my friends is what I have done! being rather settled and not having much time (AKA Money) to travel has given me a chance to really look at the blog and its design. and to be frank! I was horrified! Discusted! I couldn’t look my designers face in the mirror!!! Sacré Bleu  – don’t ask me when I became a French artist all the sudden.

I know what your thinking, oh lucky you, it would be so easy for you to redesign your site, you can do it all yourself – we would have to deal with hiring designers but thats were you’re wrong!

graphic designer redesigning

A designer, designing her/his own stuff is the worst nightmare! many many nights of over analysing, re testing, scrunched up balls of paper and many more month of procrastinating… a billion bottles of wine later, the same amount of coffee cups (early morning starts) and the majority of my friends just saying… “Yeh Bec its great” cause they have seen it a million times before and can’t notice the minor 5 pixel change in the header spacing.

In the end, I got it done – there is no doubt I will want to change things again and again but this is just norm for any designer.

The reason behind the new design

So when I started this blog I had no serious thoughts, as well as no idea how much hard work keeping it up to date was. So I guess I didn’t take it as serious as I should have. Things have changed though and my life has gone from, I want to spend 2 years in London then live in Melbourne, to I never want to stop experiencing places, things, people cultures and I want to travel FOREVER!!! This blog has become my creative outlet. So I have decided to brand myself…

old design

Looking at the old design, it just wasn’t “me” enough… I did the design as a quick way to get started and never thought for a second I would still be going. However now I find the new design, is much more fun, cleaner, and branded… much more what I’m after. All that brown! What was I thinking!!!

The new branding

Its an honest approach to what I want to do, be a graphic designer who travels. When I say honest, its because most people who hire freelance designers want them in the office most days or in the same state, I’m being honest with saying that may not be what I can do. I travel, I gain inspiration and creativity from my experiences and I use that to better myself as a designer and (a person) I then use those skill to design. Thats not to say I wouldn’t travel to work on location, if the right contract came up I would be more then happy to relocate – after all, I’m a traveller. I am a freelancer who will always hit deadlines according to the clients time zones and is always contactable, however, I am, at whatever location I am.

So whats different?

Other then the entire look and feel and honesty with the branding and so on. I have turned it into a more full scale cross between my design portfolio and a travel blog (both were so super outdated) I have updated my portfolio,



even added my store. Its a new thing, that will get more awesome designs soon.




I have also started to organise my articles in a chapter, story book like way. From the start here hence, becomes the chapters. I truly do believe that your life is like a book, with many chapters. The better the story, the better the book/”life” So I wanted to break it up into those series.


start here



I like the idea of my blog being my journal as such, I like to connect with my readers, hence why I tell my story only from my personal view, hence why I would like my story told in chapters. I think its the best way for readers to get an idea of the story… which just makes things a little more interesting.

General look and feel

so, creative nomad… thats the official name of the blog now, previously it was just on my old design portfolios name “www.rebeccakdesigns” I decided the design should shout out really loud what the site is all about – travel = a map. Design = art, painting, … well looky here, we have a painted map of the world! pretty simple right. (if only it was that simple)

The logo

I sketched away for hours at the logo and then went back to the original logo, as you do. simple, a painters pallet with countries to symbolise the travel, a pen to symbolise writing instead of the painters brush.



There are a lot of little bugs I am still finding and new things I would like to incorporate along the way but for the moment, I’m sick of looking at it and redesigning haha. As my good friend always said, design is always evolving!

I would love to know your thoughts on the new design, constructive criticism is a designers best friend and whilst this new design is all about getting the branding right, I have no doubt I will change little things as I come across them many-a-times.


9 Responses to Creative Nomad gets a facelift

  1. It looks great, very professional :)
    Katie @ The World on my Necklace recently posted…Twenty days out that will make you LOVE AucklandMy Profile

  2. Nice design! Simple, yet creative. I feel like blogging has so many aspects to it! Design, social media outreach, content, editing, etc., etc. I am no designer (far from it actually) but I am always thinking of ways it could improve. I am sure that as a professional designer you must echo my sentiments. :D
    Chanel @ La Viajera Morena recently posted…Delving into the Korean Street Food SceneMy Profile

  3. rebecca says:

    Most certainly! “Design is always evolving” I am happy with the design for now, no doubt I will want a change however, I feel the content reads a lot better now :-) Thanks for your feedback

  4. Franca says:

    Nice new look Rebecca! Very creative indeed, well done :)
    Franca recently posted…The Baroque Buildings And Sights of Lecce, ItalyMy Profile

  5. rebecca says:

    Thanks! :-) I like your new look too!

  6. Agness says:

    I don’t know how you came up with this idea of getting a facelift, but it’s absolutely amazing. Seriously, the site looks much brighter and so colorful. I really like it!! :)
    Agness recently posted…Visiting Düsseldorf On A BudgetMy Profile

  7. rebecca says:

    Thanks so much! I’m much happier with it :-)

  8. I love the colours, nice work! :-)
    Becky Padmore recently posted…Under-the-radar European countries to take road trips in 2014 My Profile

  9. rebecca says:

    Thanks Becky, I was going for fresh, happy and vibrant!

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