Vivid 2014 Canon Challenge

Vivid 2014 Canon Challenge

Its on again… The Sydney Vivid Lights. I can not believe its been a whole year since the last one (and yet I still have so much of my blogging to catch up on) But I can’t miss a post on the most creative festival in my home town, Sydney. Last year I explained what Vivid was and showed you some pictures. The vivid festival is basically a creative lights and music festival around Sydney. Check out pics from last year.

Note: Not a single photo has been photoshopped (its a part of my “get better at photography” faze)

This year I was much more prepared. I have been practicing using my camera and now actually know how the fancy thing works which helps, so I set out with a purpose of getting some good photos this time.




To make things even more interesting, I had found that Canon were running a competition called Photo5LIVE. From my understanding you would be given a pretty open brief on using an object or concept in the photo to make things creative. Challenge accepted!

Airplane attempt

My first attempt I must admit was a massive fail! The brief was using a paper airplane and movement. Lucky for me I had good travel buddy accompanying me. You may remember her from such posts as Strange Bronzed Men in Bratislava, Getting bitten by Dracula in Translyvania and Sleeping in Brothels in Hamburg

The first problem was that, well, none of us knew how to make a paper airplane, we googled it (nerd alert) but our paper airplane would not fly. The next problem was the crowds, it was the first day of Vivid and kids were screaming everywhere, prams were zooming past or well, to my annoyance, the opposite. So Good travel buddy ate the paper airplane.

wp_ss_20140525_0003 (1)


We gave up! Challenge #1 = Fail

Autumn leaves

I then decided I would go on a weekday and leave Good travel buddy at home. The brief # 1 I received was using a ring in the photo – or circle of some sort. Brief # 2 was to use the autumn leaves. I went on a horribly wet and raining day so I wasn’t having much luck. Working on the idea of autumn leaves I got this photo, taken a day or two before


Once the rain started pouring we took shelter at Opera Bar, which, as you can imagine comes alive during Vivid. This year they had a “beer garden” complete with neon green leaves and well… a bar so I tried to get some sort of “Autumn leaves” photo happening from that.


Considering all I seemed to come by was green leaves I didn’t feel so bad for my next autumn leaves photo…


The kiddies version of the beer garden at opera bar.

Give me a break, I was trying to think outside the square. I honestly thought I would be better sticking with the circles brief, it was too wet for me to play around with leaves. The briefs did not need to be for Vivid but I wanted to try and incorporate Vivid.

Raining Vivid Sydney

  Pouring with rain


This is where I got some good shots! I think I was giving my competition peeps a run for their money with these shots.





Vivid 2014_0004_photography watermark copy 2

Vivid 2014_0003_photography watermark copy


Feeling pretty darm proud of my images I then decided to set forth and find the giant bunnies that I saw when we were under the opera house…..

Come on! Its GIANT bunnies!!!


Giant Bunnies watching Vivid


Enjoying the show bunnies?

Vivid Light Rabbits


giant bunnies vivid

 I know I’m short but this bunny made me look even shorter!

I wont lie, these bunnies created massive excitement in me and again my inner child came out. But this kid was getting sleepy and had work the next day so once my 5 minute attention span had been fulfilled I figured it was time to head home. It was probably about 9:30 – 10pm by this time and I noticed something astounding, the prams, they were gone. The children, gone. The crowds, gone!

The trick with vivid is to stay late, the kids all leave by about 9pm and vivid stays on till midnight, so if crowds, prams and kids are not your thing, as they are not mine or most peoples looking to get some good photos, that would be my tip. I stuck it out and got some great photos to end the wonderful inspiring night.

The Opera House in all its glory!





Sydney Photography




2014-Vivid Sydney1

Opera House Snake

 Beautiful Creative Vivid

Vivid 2014_0002_photography watermark


2014-06-03 21.05.33 copy

MCA Vivid

The MCA is always my favourite Vivid building, its music and wonderful creative random images are so “cool” for lack of better word

MCA Vivid



MCA Vivid2


That sums up Vivid for another year…. Have you been to Vivid? Are you in Sydney and considering going? Certainly check it out!

Vibrant Vivid

11 Responses to Vivid 2014 Canon Challenge

  1. Hi Rebecca! I just discovered your blog, and am glad I did :) Such great photos you captured of the Vivd Lights – I can’t believe you didn’t Photoshop the photos since some of them have such great colors. The Opera House looks amazing in all of its light decor and I wish I had those gigantic bunnies in my room ;)
    Tee | Rotten One recently posted…Barcelona, SpainMy Profile

  2. rebecca says:

    Thanks Tiffany, welcome to the blog. Hmmm Giant Bunnies in my room… I had not even thought of that, what a great idea!

  3. Franca says:

    Lovely photos Rebecca, honestly! Well done :)
    Franca recently posted…LOCATE CAVEY – Hondon de Las NievesMy Profile

  4. rebecca says:

    Thanks! I’m pretty happy with them

  5. And here I was thinking I had done a pretty good job at getting over totally sucking at night photography! Great photos, well done!
    Sandra (@SandalsDownUnda) recently posted…Restaurant Review: The Morrison Bar & Oyster RoomMy Profile

  6. rebecca says:

    Haha I certainly see I learnt a lot when I look back at last years photos!

  7. Agness says:

    Your photos of Sydney Opera at night are truly amazing. You are a talented photographer I must say.
    Agness recently posted…6 Europe’s Less Expensive CitiesMy Profile

  8. Great pics! I especially like the picture of the Opera House which looks like its sparkling!
    House in Tillford recently posted…Review | Circa, ParramattaMy Profile

  9. rebecca says:

    Thanks, that’s certainly one of my favorites too

  10. Canon Australia says:

    Lot’s of incredible images Rebecca! Especially of the bunnies. As amazing as they were, they were quite hard to capture and get the lighting right and you’ve done an excellent job.
    The Canon Team

  11. Beautiful, I absolutely love Sydney and it’s gorgeous harbour!
    Becky Padmore recently posted…America’s most unusual road side attractionsMy Profile

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