Creative Nomad Reviews Travel Blogger’s Redesigns

Creative Nomad Reviews Travel Blogger’s Redesigns

Creative nomad recently got a face lift, I have noticed a few of my favorite bloggers recently giving their blog a face lift too, as creative and curious people there is no doubt that changes will always need to happen. So for a bit of Travel blog redesign inspiration I thought I would do a kind of Travel & Design series on some of my favorite travel bloggers and their redesigns. I like giving my 50 cents as a designer, bit of constructive criticism or input never hurts; and after all if your thinking to redesign your site as well, maybe this might give you some inspiration. (or just contact a graphic/web designer – me :-P)

Trusted Traveler

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of my reads at a Travel Massive meeting. She had mentioned her recent redesign just as I was redesigning mine and I decided to check out her new design. I loved it! The subject came up as I was talking about the ways I search for freelance work and she had mentioned using freelancer, being where she got her site done. I was signed up to freelancer but have since improved my portfolio and am concentrating a lot more on it.

What I loved about the blog design?

  • Look & Feel – Fun! Its so very fun, light and airy, clean and modern, which after all, travel should be fun shouldn’t it? I love the use of the light blue (perhaps using my favorite color is what instantly made me like her site)
  • Navigation – For usability reasons, her navigation works (which is after all what you need right? just simple navigation that works)
  • Organisation – I really like the way all of her information is organised, from destinations to her easy to access work with me menu. Social media links are sharing bars are easy to find.

All in all I find her new site to be ascetically pleasing and simply… works!


beyond almighty

Another of my favorite blogs that I was lucky enough to meet, and again at a travel massive meeting (I really do encourage people to jump on board these awesome Travel Massive Events.)


What I loved about the blog design?

  • Look & Feel – Beyond Blighty is an adventure blog, just reading the blog you know that this girl has an adventurous streak and a lot of fun! but what I liked is the new header allowing the reader to know from the beginning what kind of a blog this is. I’m also a bit of a fan the “vectorised” or cartoon header, I believe having pictures of the blogger makes things personalised and allows the reader to feel they connect with the persons stories who they are reading. (Hence why I used a cartoon of me in my first design)
  • Navigation – She has a few different ways to add navigation to her site, considering the wealth of information I can’t imagine that was easy to organise. A stand out way she has created the destinations navigation below, using images on the side bar.
  • Organisation – There is a lot of information on her site and its all organised very well. Its professional and structured




Time travel turtle

You may be following or have read the Time Travel Turtle, I have been following this guy for ever and love his stuff. His new site design is a stand out! Using the ever popular full page image as a background

Time Travel Turtle

Where so I even start with this professional, engaging redesign. The front page is a full page slider image of places people dream to visit. The site is mobile responsive and has the social media icons clearly on display. The navigation is simple, elegant, looks modern, professional and well… just looks really good! The tags or theme is well organised in fact Its simply all over organised, and just works well! Love the new design. If you scroll down you get enticing facts about the blog followed by the a well designed modern layout of the latest posts and stand out ability, continually enticing people to subscribe. He then has a search by region map (Fantastic, would love to put that in my blog once I get more places under my belt). certainly one for the inspiration book.

I have no doubt that there are some outstanding redesigns and blogs out there and hopefully I can get around to diving in deep with some inspiration and critques on travel blog designs… in the meantime, whats your blog or travel related site? I would love to check out your design and maybe feature it in another Travel & Design series…


11 Responses to Creative Nomad Reviews Travel Blogger’s Redesigns

  1. I love these bloggers but haven’t caught their redesigns yet. Will check them out! :-)

  2. rebecca says:

    haha my eye is drawn to redesigns like a cats to mice

  3. Arianwen says:

    Thanks for including my design! I’m glad you like it. It was certainly about time I modernised everything and I feel much more proud to tell people about my site now it looks more professional. Your site is looking awesome too! :)
    Arianwen recently posted…15 Things To Do in MelbourneMy Profile

  4. Nice breakdown Rebecca! All clean and clear designs ;) Thanks!

  5. I love the bloggers you’ve selected here. This reminds me how badly I need to redesign my site ;)
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted…Coney Island Mermaid ParadeMy Profile

  6. I am in the process of giving my blog a bit of a makeover. Sometimes a change is good :)
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…When Should You Skip A WorkoutMy Profile

  7. rebecca says:

    Your sites pretty cool, though I think we just get sick of looking at our own sites sometimes

  8. Jonny Blair says:

    Great site Rebecca – came across it after a comment on my own site (Don’t Stop Living). Inspiring stuff here and great designs here! Safe travels. Jonny
    Jonny Blair recently posted…Staying at Fajalobi, Etienne’s Unique: Our Own Apartment in Paramaribo, SurinameMy Profile

  9. rebecca says:

    Thanks Jonny, really enjoy reading yours as well :)

  10. Alyssa says:

    Hi Rebecca! I just came across your site from Dangerous Business so this is my first comment :)

    We’re into a new trend of website designs – everyone is UXing, infinite parallax scrolling and so on – hence the website designs! I just re-did mine but I’m not sure if it really reflects the ‘inspiring you to travel’ vibe I was going for.

    I’m loving your watercolour/oil paining map background – it’s really unique!
    Alyssa recently posted…Travel Inspiration: GeniusFlight App ReviewMy Profile

  11. rebecca says:

    Hi Alyssa, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You’re very right about the new trend. I always find it very interesting to see how these trends change. I just stopped by your website and must say I love the font you’re using in your header, very “summer festival in Europe”

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